Limited Edition Plane, as a tribute to the heroic men and selfless heroes who fought in the invasion at Normandy to bring about world peace through victory in WWII. Along with the hard working women, "Rosie the Riveters" who held down the Homefront while building an amazing number of warbirds, to the "WASP"-Women Airforce Service Pilots who helped to deliver many of these marvelous machines. We proudly offer the D-Day version of the famous "That's All Brother" C-47 Skytrain. This is not part of the Wings of Texaco Series.

This plane is incorrectly listed as 1:38 scale with a 12" wingspan.

Correct scale is 1:72 scale with a 15.5" wingspan.

Limited Edition Stock #CP7428     $47.95

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November 2017


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